High Temperature Sterilizer(HTST)

Product Description:

The automatic instant UHT plate sterilizer is suited for liquid food products including fruit, beverage, tea, vegetable protein milk etc. Scientific technology of instant ultra high temperature, 135-143 degree for 4-5 seconds, is adopted to achieve commercial sterility. By which there would be little adverse effect on the product quality such as little nutrition and flavor losses. The shelf life of product dealt by the machine may be 6-12 months.

Technique parameter:
Production capacity: 0.5-20t/h
Sterilization temperature: 137degree
Holding time: 5-15s
Control modes: Semi-automatic, automatic (PLC control, touch screen display system)

Tube sterilizing equipment set is a disposal sterilizing equipment designed for dairy products, juice, beverage or similar flow and material and also is an ideal equipment for prolonging quality validity through sterilizing and cooling. According to different material heating, sterilizing and different technological demand of keeping temperature and cooling carry out the flow chart assembly design; possess various complete protective measurements, with high automatic degree and accurate control.

Widely applicable for: dairy products, fruit juice, beverage, syrup, soy sauce, vinegar, fluid containing particles and various thick sauce etc.

Our company has rich experience to help customers to establish the different production lines for different use

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