Bag in Box Bag Making Machine,BIB bag Production Line,Bag in Box Making and Sealing Machine, BIB Pouch Making Machine

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 It adopts step drive with the third traction mechanism to make dischargingmaterial as well as the material on the bracket with consistent speed drawnforward successively by the third traction motor to ensure discharging materialand its tension steady. The automatic feeding mechanism can reduce the laborstrength. The structure of whole machine is sound with exquisite equipment aswell as good-looking appearance. It is ideal equipment at home with moderatespeed, lower noise, good function.

Suitable Material:

BOPP, COPP, PET, PVC, Nylon etc. plasticcompound film, multiple-layer extruding film, aluminum plating compound film,pure Al foil compound film



Max.  Discharging Speed

<  40 m/min

Positioning  Precision



Max  Width: 1100mm

Overall  Dimensions


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