Tunnel Fast Freezer Machine, Belt Freezing, Spiral Freezing Machine

Product Description

SBD series stainless steel belt IQF

It is designed and manufactured in accordance with HACCP's hygienic requirements for food processing equipments.It is suitable for fast freezing granular,diced,sliced food,including scallop,squid,de-shelled shrimp,fillet,ect.The food contact the stainless steel solid belt directly,which allows fast and efficient freezing.

SWD series stainless steel mesh belt IQF

The mesh belt freezer is designes and manufactured in accordance with HACP's hygienicrequirements for food processing equipments. It adopted popular air blowing technology.The vertical air flow from the grating gives sufficient heat exchange and fast freezing.The product is suitable for freezing seafood,meat,poultry,vegetable,pastry and other prepared food.

LN2/LCO2 cryogenic quick freezer

It adopted technology from UK,and use LN2 or LCO2 automatic spray system,

The low temperature resistant materiral and special manufacturing process ensure smooth and reliable operation,

The food can be frozen quickly with LN2 or LCO2 sprayed directly on the food.The features include fast freezing and minimized loss of moisture,

It is suitable for freezing seafood ,meat,poultry,fruits and vegetable.

Company Information

Snowball machinery is the best and the most comprehensive Chinese industrial ice cream solutions provider, we have probably the widest machine range between rotary or linear types, where is possible to choose the most suitable machine for our worldwide customers. Our ice cream equipment starts with raw material storage, continues through Material PRO mix preparation to continuous freezing, inclusion systems. Our production solutions include the moulding stick ice cream machine, filling ice cream machine, hardening tunnel and extrusion ice cream machine for make, cups, cones, logs, cakes, family packs, packaging of stick products, still final solutions of ice cream cartoners. We strive to be the best Chinese ice cream machine supplier. Currently our products range enlarge to different drink filling machines and related products.

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