Automatic Bag in Box Bag Filling Machine,BIB Bag Filling and Sealing Machine,Filling Machine,Auoomatic BIB Filling Machine

        1.Using gear pump made by stainless steel magnetic material, pump doesn’t connectwith motor, don’t need to worry about seal leakage or damage of pump because ofhigh load of motor.
        2. Controlled by PLC/single-chip microcomputer, operation simply, cleardisplay, high quantity of filing etc.
         3. Wear well, Small in size.
         4. Easy to clean and sterilization.
         5. Full functions.
         6. Can fill all kinds of liquid andhigh viscosity fluid.
  Flexible packaging liquid filling machine,is specially used for liquid materials of flexible packaging bags, etc.)(quantitative filler, quantitative scope for 10L - 50 L,the filling process in the vacuum filling, the filling process: pull lid, smokepackaging vacuum, filling, gland, while filling mouth to mouth sucked(guarantee filling without residual oil droplets in packaging), the wholeprocess is done automatically. Lord pneumatic and electric original areimported accessories, to ensure that the system is stable, the quality ofexcellence. The entire pipeline for stainless steel, food-grade butyl rubberdecals high-pressure turbine flow meter and stainless steel composed by omronPLC, control and related accessories composition. Packages depend on the nozzlesupport. Can be widely used in cooking oil, and wine, beverage, lubricating oiland chemical industries.



Filling  Head Amount

1,  2

Applicable  BIB Bags

10L - 50 L

Filling  Valve

Butterfly  Valve, Duckbill Valve, Stifle Valve…

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