Full-automatic Ultra-High Temperature Tubular Sterilizer(UHT)
Ultra-High Temperature Tubular Sterilizer, Specifications 1.Capacity:1-20T/H 2.Sterilizing time: 3-5s 3.Sterilizing temperature:115~135 centigrade
High Temperature Sterilizer(HTST)
High Temperature Sterilizer(HTST), Specifications 1.Ultra high temperature sterilizer 2.Stainless steel 3.Pcapacity:0.5-20t/h 4.Sterilization temperature: 137degree
Pasteurizer (PUT/Pasteurization)
Pasteurizer (PUT/Pasteurization), Specifications Milk plate pasteurizer 1.Liquid plate pasteurizer 2.capacity:1t/h 3.PLC control 4.Touch screen
Plate Heat Exchanger Plates
Specifications 1.can complete replace Swep plate 2.high heating transferring 3.plate thickness:0.5/0.6/0.7mm 4.material:304,316L,Ti
SCIP Integration CIP System In Small Scale
SCIP Integration CIP System In Small Scale, CIP System is one of necessary cleaning equipments to clean the pipes and containers in dairy industry,beverage and phamacy, and acts as a key in ensuring the quality of the goods.
Minute Vertical CIP System
Minute Vertical CIP System,Specifications 1.matured PLC control system 2.application in food and beverage 3.capacity :500L to 2000L 4.CIP cleaning system
Dual-Layer Vertical Blending Storage Tank Series
Dual-Layer Vertical Blending Storage Tank, Specifications 1 materials are all sanitary breathing cover 2 transition area of intrior wall on tank adopts arc for transition
Dual-Layer Side Blending Storage Tank Series
Dual-Layer Side Blending Storage Tank Series, Used as liquid storage tank, liquid composing tank, temporary tank etc. It can be made according torequirements of customers.
Cooling and Heating Tanks Series(3-Layer)
Cooling and Heating Tanks Series,Applicable range: Used as blending tank, mixing tank, preparation tank, fermentation tank, disinfection tank, and aging tank. It can be made according to the requirements of customers.
Storage Tank Series(Dual-Layer/500~20000L)
Storage Tank Series(,Specifications 1. Material: SS304 2.Storage liquid, cream ,chemical 3.Single-layer 4.Type: vertical 5.GMP
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