Paddle Blending Storage Tanks Series(Single-Layer/500~2000L)
Paddle Blending Storage Tanks Series,Specifications 1,Quick open manhole; 2,Various types of CIP cleaners; 3,Fly and insect resistant sanitary breathing cover;
Storage Tank (Single-Layer/500~20000L)
Storage Tank (Single-Layer/500~20000L),Specifications 1. Material: SS304 2.Storage liquid, cream ,chemical 3.Single-layer 4.Type: vertical 5.GMP
Horizontal Direct Cooling Milk Tank(1000~8000L)
Specifications liquid,cooling 2.material:SS304/316L 3.two type:vertical /horizontal type 4.easy for clean 5.polyurethane bubbling
CIP Automatic CIP Cleaning In Place System
CIP Automatic CIP Cleaning In Place System, Specifications 1.automatic machine 2.lessen intensity of labor 3.centrifugal pump 4.High quality products
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