Turn-Key Project
Cold Storage Room

I. About cold room specification:

1. Temperature range: -60℃ to +20(-60°F to +68°F) are all available.

2. Size: customize.

3. Functions: fresh-keeping, freezing, quick-freezing, fire-proof, explosion-proof, air-conditioning are all available.

4. Full automatic control system.

5. Easy to install and dismantle.

6. Temperature Alarm.

7. Control box: Digital indicator.

8. PLC electric control ( SIMENS)

9. Insulation material: Polyurethane (PU).

10. Type of door: Sliding door/Swing door.

11. Size of door: as your demand.

12. Cooling way: air cooling, water cooling.

13. Refrigeration unit: Copeland, Bitzer, Hitachi, and others.

14. Auxiliary material: Domestic and import.

15. Local power supply: 380V or 220V, Single phase or triphase, 50Hz or 60Hz.

II. Cold room panel, size, and temperature:

The storage temperature is displayed and controlled by the digital thermostat with which reliable storage is provided; modular cold room is a new product with various standard sizes. Its storage capacity may be specified or selected according to the requirements of the customer.

III. Application of cold room:

Food (meat, vegetable, fruit, dairy, drink), medicine, chemical, electronics, etc.Cold storage are widely used in food process factory, dairy factory, pharmaceutical factory,chemical factory, fruit and vegetable warehouse, egg storage, hotel,supermarket, hospital, blood bank, troops and laboratory.

  The precise control and adjustment of temperature enables the customers to achieve the utmost efficiency and benefits.

  All panels are made tongue and groove edges and are locked together with cam lock fasteners, which can be unscrewed easily with a hexagon.

The complete set of cold room includes 4 main parts

1. Cold room panels         2. Air cooler

3. Condensing unit            4. Accessories

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