Turn-Key Project
Automatic Bag In Box Bag Filling Line,Auto BIB Filling & Packing Line,BIB Pouch Autoboxing Line,Auto Case Packer

        1. Using gear pump madeby stainless steel magnetic material, pump doesn’t connect with motor, don’tneed to worry about seal leakage or damage of pump because of high load ofmotor.
         2. Controlled by PLC/single-chip microcomputer, clear display, highquantity of filing etc.
         3. Wear well, Small in size.
         4. Easy to clean and sterilization.
         5. Full functions.
         6. Can fill all kinds of liquid and high viscosity fluid.

Automatic BIB Filling & Packing Line

Auto Cutting & Feeding Bag Machine

Auto Unscramble Cover Machine

Auto Unpacking Machine

Auto BIB Filling Machine

Auto Case Packer

Auto Case Sealing Machine

Auto Dichotomous Machine

High Speed Belt

Shunt Cans

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